Are you looking for a  “giftable” items? Think of something used in everyday life, but crafted and officially licensed with your favorite team’s logo and colors. Here are some of our favorite gifting ideas for this season:


1. A Gift For The Chef

Whether they're manning the grill or playing test kitchen at home, this person loves to experiment with food.  They always finds cause for celebration and you definitely want to be on his invite list.









  • Grill Master
  • Bartender
  • Cook
top gift for sports fan

2. The Active One

Always a team player, they have competition in their blood.  Never one to take a loss lightly, they are highly motivated to win & usually does just that.

Dallas Cowboys Cooler Tote & Beach Bag

  • Nature Lover
  • Fitness guru
  • Athlete

active sports fan gifts

3. The Family Man

He takes pride in spoiling everyone in his family every chance he gets.  There is no way he’ll ever have enough pictures of the kids and grandkids.  He loves telling stories as he relishes his role as the family historian.

Alabama Crimson Tide Bar Stool

  • Host
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Grandpa

gifts for a sports fan dad


4. The Graduate

They've worked hard for his degree.  Days upon days of lectures and long nights studying.   Ready to face the world, and bound for employment.  Their weekends are filled with sports games and beer.

Virginia Cavaliers Aged Metal Canvas Wall Art

  • Apprentice
  • Businessman
  • Alumni
  • Sports Fan
  • Tailgater

UVA graduate gifts


5.  The Fashionista 

Never satisfied with short answers, she always likes to dig deeper to learn more.  She delves into her studies, and excels in all her school work.  She’d rather spend Saturday’s at the museum than the mall.  She daydreams about traveling the world one day, exploring ancient ruins or exotic beaches.

Texas Longhorns Leather Duffel Bag 

  • Jewelry Lover
  • Hipster

fashionista sports fan gifts


6. The Retiree 

Even in retirement, he manages to make his hobbies a full-time job.  When he’s not toiling away on his latest project, he’s sharing his creations with his family or taking in the local culture.

Oklahoma Sooners Spirit Pool Table Light

  • Artist
  • Stylish Gentleman
  • Sports Fan

 sports fan gifts for the retiree

7.  The Student 

Never satisfied with short answers, this person always likes to dig deeper to learn more.  Math, Science, English or Social Studies, they excel in all school subjects.  They would rather spend Saturday night reading a book than at the movies.

Ohio State Buckeyes Rocker Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth

  • Over Achiever
  • Book Lover
  • Competitive Soul

the perfect college student gift


8. The Trendsetter

While bookmarking their favorite blogs, they love checking out the latest styles and gadgets from their favorite catalogs.  They're the cool kid on the block and has the confidence to pull it off.

Green Bay Packers Remote Control Cooler w/ Bluetooth Speakers

  • Hipster
  • Style Guru
  • Tailgater

trendsetter sports fan gifts


9. The Homemaker 

She likes her home to be her sanctuary and takes that serenity with her wherever she goes.  Her children and husband are her world.  Her dream trips are to go on a week-long retreat, visiting a museum filled with antiquities or to travel to Europe.

Arkansas Razorbacks Ceiling Fan

  • New Mom
  • Spiritual Soul
  • Creative Gal
  • Decorator
  • Book Lover

sports fan homemaker gift


10. The Outdoorsy One

They love waking up in a tent, a hammock, a forest, or mountain top.  They can’t live without their GPS, passport, and a Swiss army knife.  Always the healthy eater, making the most of nature’s best.  When they're not trekking through the great unknown, they're tuning up their mountain bike.  They are truly an inspiration!

Wyoming Cowboys Fire Pit & Grill Set

  • Adventurer
  • Nature Lover
  • Golfer
  • Tailgater
  • Sports Fan
  • Traveler
  • Grill Master

outdoorsy sports fan gift