World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day takes place on June 5. It is a day for global citizens to engage in many activities to keep the environment clean – from cleanup drives to replanting forests. The celebration is an invitation to be aware that we are part of nature and that we intimately depend on it.

World Environment Day

Keeping the environment clean is vital because of the following reasons:

  • Healthy living – A polluted environment introduces many toxins and contaminants that will endanger our health. Pollution in the air results in respiratory diseases while water pollution can cause diarrhea and other water-borne illnesses. Human health is compromised when the environment is sick and polluted. Cleaning the environment allows for healthy people.
  • Climate change – The overall temperature of the earth is rising because of pollution. The rise in temperature is responsible for the many climate phenomena we experience now, including stronger than normal storms, flooding, and other calamities.
  • The rising generation – Future generations will thank us if we keep the environment clean and safe for them. There will be far fewer resources for our posterity if we deplete the environment today.
  • Biodiversity – We benefit from the variety of animal and plant life on our planet. Continuous degradation of the environment could result in the disappearance of many species, which could in turn affect the food supply.
  • Your character – We benefit so much from nature that it is only right that we give back. The way we treat the environment is a simple measure of our gratitude and character.
  • Earth is our home – Just as we take care of our own houses, we should care for our greater home—the Earth.

We can do our share in keeping the environment clean in all areas of life. Often, we load up groceries, sports accessories, or clothes we have purchased in disposable bags. Disposable bags and baskets, once discarded, contribute to environmental pollution because they fill up the landfills.

Sports fans and athletes can help maintain a clean environment by ensuring that playing fields and spectator areas are left free of litter and that sports team accessories are carried with Team Sports’ reusable bags and baskets made from recycled products.