Why Every Guy Needs a Man Cave

Why Every Guy Needs a Man Cave

After a long working day, we all crave for immense comfort at home. Sometimes, all we need is a quiet retreat where we can rest down on a sofa and chill out with a drink or a bite. That is the basic reason as to why every man needs a man cave. An evening accompanied with games is not only meant for kids. With Ping-Pong, pool, darts, and other games, there are plenty of activities that keep men entertained irrespective of their age. Believe it or not, there are health benefits associated with consistent use of man cave and game rooms for men. Moreover, there are even counselors who help men around the globe to find a place that they can call their ‘own’.

Research has shown that these retreats actually improve marriages. After all, what is more adorable than a man who is relaxed and palpable? Most men feel more refreshed after spending an hour or so de-stressing in the man cave. Therefore, if you are craving for a husband who is happy, stress-free, and who is more willing to listen then you should indulge him in such retreats.

A man cave is also known as man-space and it is usually located in the garage, den, spare bedroom, or a basement. So next time you think that your basement is of little use you would have to revisit that thought because it can actually be converted into something useful.

Importance of a Man Cave

It acts as emotion regulator

Many may not be aware of this, but there is a relationship between the environment and how one feels. In many instances it is the women who have the final say on how homes need to look like; from the decorations to every little thing in a home. That is why it is necessary to have a space that men can call their own. The room decoration should be such that it is laid out in a way that they prefer. Having this kind of environment makes men feel at peace especially after a long rough day. It also helps them regulate their emotions and explore more on what needs to be done. Generally, it is normal for husbands to feel shy and act different when they are with their children and wives. But when they are in the man caves they are allowed to act differently once in a while without caring who might be watching. Though technically there is nobody who plays the role of supervising them when they are in their little adventure.

They can been used as distressing tools

Most men have high stress jobs and work for exceptionally long hours to earn money and support their wives and children. Most families depend on men as they are the sole bread winners. Yet, this role comes up with a lot of stress that if not well managed can lead to physical problems like hypertension, persistent headaches and heavy drinking. Furthermore, it can also cause emotional problems like short temper, irritability or even chronic anger, which can put a real strain on the marriage and spoil the already blossoming relationship.

If a man has a retreat place where he can go once in a while to process these emotions away from others, then it can help to improve his emotional health and that of his family. The man cave provides space to temporarily get away with the day-to-day life’s pressure. It gives him a chance to decompress so that at least there is emotional energy left to interact with his family.

It helps men to have some peaceful time alone

Men are made differently from women in terms of handling emotions. For women when they are going through hardships in life, they’d rather share it with their friends to get over it. However, men need some personal time alone to apprehend how they can solve such problems. Studies have shown that men have a much bigger awareness of the need for space and time. The desire for solitude seems paramount in men than in women. When this need is fully satisfied, the men will emerge out of the cave refreshed and be ready to take up the full responsibilities of being husbands, fathers and breadwinners.

It can be used as a fitness center

Most of the reasons that we have discussed above are more emotional than psychological. Yet, there is a physical aspect of this as well. Man caves can be a great place for men to work out and be fit. Whether it is a running session on the treadmill to the tune of your favorite song or a weight lifting session, man caves offers you the best work out retreat.

This is important because according to National Institute of Health (NIH), 3 out of 4 men are obese. Being overweight is a major risk factor as it leads to the development of heart related disease which is the main killer for men globally. So, if used properly, they may not only fulfill a man’s emotional needs but also help him improve on his physical health. Therefore, while having a man cave may be subject to joking and jesting from your friends and family, there is more serious side to having it present. When both men and women take a keen look into the benefits of a man cave, they are more likely to make having it a priority.

It can be used as a Game Room for party hosting

While there is restriction on who should get into the man cave, there are still some benefits for this masculine room. For instance when you are holding a party it would be nice to take some of your guests to the game room. You will be surprised by how they will find that expedition interesting and be entertained at the same time.

One misconception that many revelers have is that man caves have to be some grungy room with unused furniture thrown everywhere. Rather, modern man caves can brighten up your home and increase its value. It creates a masculine retreat that everyone enjoys especially if it is made of a game room, theater room, or even a basement bar.

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