Standard Size For a Pool, Billiards or Snooker Table

Standard Size For a Pool, Billiards or Snooker Table

There are several games which require a pool table. There is no hard and fast rule about the size of a pool table; however, all pool tables have a ratio of 2:1, meaning the length of the table should be twice the size of the width. Beyond that, there are standard sizes based on the game that is to be played on its surface.

Size For Pool Billiards Snooker Table

Consider these specifications for different games:

  • 7’ x 3.5’ – These are among the smallest pool tables. They can usually be found in bars, and are called bar tables or bar boxes. It also happens to be the most common size for 8-ball championship tournaments.
  • 8’ x 4’ – This table is by far the most common size pool table.
  • 9’ x 4.5’ – This is considered the standard-sized pool table for pro tournaments, which include 9-ball and straight pool.
  • 10’ x 5’ – Also known as a pocket billiards table, this table is quite rare. The version of this table that does not have pockets is used for 3-cushion and carom billiards.
  • 11’ 8.5” x 5’ 10” – These are the dimensions of a standard snooker table. They are usually referred to as 12 x 6 snooker tables.

In general, a billiard table is between 29 ¼ inches and 31 inches in height.

If you want to enjoy a quiet game of pool in your own home, consider the size of the room before you buy a pool table. A table won’t do you much good if there’s not much room to maneuver around it. Leave adequate space for cue sticks as well as stools and chairs.