Backyard BBQ Day Dream

Backyard BBQ Day Dream

Spring is (almost) here again!

After a long, cold winter we are mere weeks away from warm weather. Just imagine...

The are birds chirping, the flowers blooming, everything is green and people are stirring after a winter of hibernating indoors. And what is warm weather if you don't take advantage of it? So of course, you invite everyone over for a backyard BBQ.

You all gather in the backyard to hang out and soak up some much needed warmth and Vitamin D. When you're around your friends it's pretty hard to avoid trash talking. So when you go to fire up the grill you make sure they all can see your sweet new BBQ Grill Tool Set the reps your favorite professional football team. Maybe the season didn't go the way you planned but the offseason is for hope and letting all your friends know that next season will be different.

While the burgers are grilling there has to be a little friendly competition. So you bust out your new Cornhole Game to show them how a champion does it. Just like the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide did it in the NCAA Playoff this year. With all of your tailgating experience no one stands a chance.

When the sun starts to go down and your friends ego's have healed from the cornhole loss you all can head inside and keep the party going. You can show off your new den with your NFL team branded Ceiling Fan Blades and keep their drinks cold with your favorite team's Can Cooler. Fun days like this are what spring is all about...

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