Area Rugs for Home or Office

Area Rugs for Home or Office

Nowadays, it is not unusual if you work from home or even extend some duties and do them at the comfort of your home-office. Your home-office is where you will spend a great amount of time crosschecking what needs to be done and effectively completing every task. One thing that you may want for your home-office is for it to be exceptional and convenient. You may also go ahead and make it a beautiful place; a paradise at home. That is why you need a large floor rug to brighten it up especially if your flooring is made of hardwood. Floor rugs tend to give the best finish to a room that was considered dull initially. They are great décor items used for ‘tying’ up the room together and bringing unto it a complete look and feel. But, choosing the best area rug can be overwhelming for some people; especially if it involves picking a large one. How big should it be and what colors should one consider to brighten their home-office? Well, here are some tips that you should consider when shopping for an area rug.

Choice of Color
This technique solely depends on your preferred style and color theme in the room. Essentially, for upholstered or patterned furniture, you may want to choose a rug that has solid color. For example, if the sofa in your home or office is multi-colored, pick a solid color area rug. In such instances, your choice of area rug determines whether or not the home or office will have a complimentary finish. However, if your home/office furniture is made up of solid colors, then it is advisable to shop for area rugs that have patterned light and bright colors. This is one way of brightening and opening up the rooms. On the walls, use colors from draperies to match with the rug. For a finished look, go for an area rug that showcases colors from other areas and focal points in the room.

Having the right color choice is important because the beauty of a room is solely dependent on that major factor. Moreover, you should consider furniture placement before buying an area rug with bold and colorful patterns. Make sure that when you place furniture on them, their designs are not totally covered. Remember, area rugs are like artwork on the floor. You should therefore, ensure that your choice of area rug infuses some playfulness into the room.

Selecting the right size of an area rug can be challenging sometimes. The size to pick depends on how large or small your room is, whether you want to use it to imply a decorative touch, or as a functional rug to protect and cover the flooring. For an effective process, first determine what purpose it will serve and then determine how much of the room floor you want it to cover. After that, you will be on the right track towards picking the correct size of an area rug.

If it will serve as both as a decorative and protective tool, you will need to consider how your home or office is set up. Determine the pieces of furniture that you want to lay the area rug under. Take measurements and record them for future reference while shopping. If it will completely cover the flooring under your desk, make sure that you measure enough area including the chair position. If you want it to lie in between the set pieces of furniture then, be sure to leave room so that the furniture will sit straight without causing a bunch on the rug.

For a hardwood floor, the rule of thumb suggests that you should leave a border around the room. It is recommended that the boarder measures between 19-24 inches leaving room for the hardwood to be seen. For carpeted flooring, area rugs should just be accent pieces and shouldn’t cover the whole floor, as this can create an awkward feel and look to the entire room.
Picking the size of an area rug can be a difficult exercise but you should consider the room size and other furniture available at home or in the office.

Maintenance of an Area Rug
Cleaning tips may vary from one individual to the next one, but there are certain things that you should do to maintain your rug and keep it in good shape for even a decade. Before you go shopping for the rug, think about where it will be used and what kind of maintenance it requires.
Generally, there are three types of rugs; high pile, medium pile, and low pile. Medium-to-high piles are thick in nature and should be properly cleaned once or twice in a year to remove dust, hair and any other allergens that may occur. Their thick nature makes it almost impossible for vacuum cleaners to remove all dirt from them. As for low-pile rugs, they should be taken out frequently and be shaken well. Even vacuum cleaning is a suitable method.

Before making a purchase, ensure that you check the cleaning instructions. Big spills can cause permanent damage to rugs made out of natural fibers like jute and sisal because cleaning them is very difficult. Also, they don’t show minor stains and dirt as much as other fibers do. It is therefore important that you pick the rugs that will not only serve your decoration need but also be easy to clean.
Some rugs may have tags that contain cleaning instructions. Do not throw the tags away because these rugs can last for several years and you may even forget the best way to clean them over time.

Having an area rug in a home or office is an excellent idea. They are actually more advantageous as compared to wall-to-wall carpeting. Consequently, they can create an artwork frame in which to position your furniture and arrange them into defined spaces. Moreover, if you get tired of the look you can easily replace the old area rug with a new one which is more appealing.
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