Alumni & Grad Gifts for the College Proud

Alumni & Grad Gifts for the College Proud

Alumni participation in giving back to a former institution is vital. Being an alumnus of a certain school and being recognized as an important person in the institution is encouraging. As an alumnus, participating in the institution's functions and presenting gifts is an amazing feeling. Alumni gifts are important because they motivate the students to work hard and be role models to other students. Alumni participation rate is calculated as follows: if there are a total of 100,000 alumni in the school record and only 10,000 make gifts, then the alumni participation rate that year was 10%. Therefore, it is important for all alumni to buy gifts and present them to the school.

Having a high rate of alumni participation is important because high levels of alumni participation inspire other donors and corporations to support an institution. Also, the alumni participation rate is a vital factor considered by U.S. News & World Report when ranking universities and colleges. This is important because before a student enrolls to a certain institution, he or she will check for this ranking. Alumni who constantly give gifts to an institution increase the chances of being major donors in the future. Alumni participation has helped many schools develop. It has also helped to improve the reputation of schools because there is a high chance that if the school was good and it impacted students positively, students will be more than willing to support it.

Alumni gifts make a difference in various ways. Tuition fee alone does not cover the entire cost of an institution. The gifts offered by alumni help to boost tuition fees for students. Moreover, any number of gifts presented by alumni contributes a significant percentage to the alumni participation rate. When alumni participation rate is high, the school increases its number of enrollment which gives the institution a good national reputation. Scholarship opportunities of students to join renowned colleges and universities are increased by financial gifts given by alumni. The gifts presented by alumni directly support the fundamental programs at the institution such as undergraduate research, outstanding faculty, internships, or leadership opportunities.

Alumni gifts can be of different types. You most probably thought of only money and checks. If you are an alumnus and you do not know what present to give to the school, here is a helpful list:


T-shirts are incredible gifts that an alumnus can present to a school. The t-shirts can be used for sports such as baseball t-shirts or for casual wear to the school. The institution's name is printed on the t-shirts which makes it more exciting. It is important to get the t-shirts in different colors and sizes. T-shirts are available and they should be the go-to solution if you are looking for an exciting alumnus gift.


They are an important wear like t-shirts, but sweatshirts are heavy. Sweatshirts can be used by students when it is cold. Also, sweatshirts are a perfect casual wear to school such as during the weekends. The name of the institution is also printed on the sweatshirt.


As light as they might be, mugs play an important part in alumni giving. It satisfies a student when he or she drinks from a mug that is branded the institution's name. You can enhance the mug by having the institution's motto or an educative quote on it.

Mini Buttons

Having a shirt that contains mini buttons engraved with the name of the institution is exciting. You will purchase mini buttons and then print the name of the institution in a fashionable style. You can also choose to indicate the class that you were in, for example, class of 2001.

License Plate

For official identification purposes, institutions have license plates with the institution's name on doors of classes, the gate, and offices. It would be thoughtful if your gift as an alumnus is a license plate. Purchase a good quality license plate and print the institution's name. This is an affordable gift, but it will help the school significantly.


Stickers are used by students for decorations in their class work and entertaining art. It will be incredible to have a sticker with the institution's name on the art. If you do not have an alumni gift, then get a company to make high-quality stickers for your institution.

Water Bottle

It is important to drink water regularly meaning it is substantial to have a water bottle. Drinking water from a water bottle that has the institution's name is incredible. This is one of the alumni gifts that make significant revenue. You will buy fantastic and eye-catching water bottles and then print on them the institution's name preferably with a cool style.


It is beautiful to wear a cap that contains the school's name. Most alumni choose to give caps and they significantly contribute to the school's funds. Caps are an easy to get alumni gift which will make a difference in the alumni participation rates. Caps are mostly for sports such as baseball caps.


Nowadays people are purchasing pajamas that contain institution's name. These can be students, parents, donors, or stakeholders among others. Wearing a pajama with the school's name is their way of showing their love for the school. Therefore, as an alumnus, it is a plus to get pajamas and imprint the institution's name on them.


Another idea of alumni gifts is a bag engraved with the institution's name. The bag can be used by students, staff members, teachers, lecturers, or people who love the school. Bags carry books and other important personal equipment which make it a primary alumni gift. The bags can be of different colors, sizes, shape, or design.

Bracelets and Cufflinks

Wearing a bracelet that has the institution's name is beautiful. This also includes friendship bracelet where students gift each other with a bracelet containing the school's name. Moreover, it is beautiful and official to have cufflinks that are customized with the institution's name.

As an alumnus, it is important to take part in alumni giving. Gifts of all sizes are important as they make a difference to the institution. If you cannot think of a gift to present during alumni giving, then the above-mentioned gifts are your answer. It is an essential step to give back to the institution that made you an important person in the society.