2016 MLB Draft

2016 MLB Draft

With the regular season almost over, the 2016 MLB draft is at hand. While the Philadelphia Phillies are eager to put their losing season behind them, they do get to look forward to having the #1 pick of the draft.

MLB Draft

With assigned pick values soaring a notch higher every year with the MLB’s revenue boost, Philadelphia could be looking at as much as $10 million to support their draft picks. Considering that the first pick last year garnered $6.6 million, Philadelphia is guaranteed to have a lot of draft funds to get them going. After Philadelphia, the next succeeding drafts will come from the Rockies, Brewers, Reds, and the Braves. The prospects for 2016’s MLB Draft include a lot of high profile athletes, including Jason Groome, Alec Hansen, and A.J. Puk.

Free agent sign ups will cause the first rounds draft guesses to evolve over the coming weeks. The leading teams are given 5 days after the World Series to proceed and make an offer to agents, usually the average of the top one hundred salaries in the previous year or almost $16 million dollars. The leading players who are likely to receive qualifying offers are Astros’ Colby Rasmus, Dodgers’ Brett Anderson, and Orioles’ Matt Wieters.